Kaptio and Flexy Manufacturing Plant Time Management

Application developed with Kaptio and Flexy terminals in a production environment. Kaptio Terminals facilitate Time Management at work stations through a very user friendly bi-directional graphical interface. Workers can automatically identify themselves by RFID on a touch screen to report stoppages, productions and rejections. You can use this application to activate actions such as:
  • – Blocking a machine if a serious malfunction is detected.
  • – Warnings.
  • – Visual or Sound Alarms.

  • It reduces production costs by detecting bottlenecks. Thus, we can avoid downtime and increase the efficiency of both, the operators and the machinery.
  • Staff can adjust to the needs of the process at all times.

Access Control

Access to the facilities is tailored to the needs of each employee according to their schedules and to the rooms they have to have access to. Flexy is Kimaldi’s Terminal for Access control. It allows real time data access.

Time and Attendance Control

Kaptio is the terminal we use in production to do Calculation of work hours. Thanks to a 7 ″ touch screen, a fingerprint sensor and a secure network connection we can implement applications to track data through workplace climate surveys and animated images. This makes working time management a much easier and more intuitive task.

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