Kapri Online QR

QR code, RFID and mobile reader Access control.

QR code, RFID and mobile reader Access control.

It operates Online (in real time), with Ethernet connection, Wi-Fi (optional) and various communication options, including a Cloud protocol that allows direct connection to the cloud without the need to install anything on the LAN.


  • Reads the EU Digital COVID Certificate.
  • Access control: sports centers, gyms, paddle tennis courts, companies, restricted areas, museums, exhibitions and congresses.
  • Time&Attendance Control
  • Production Control


• Terminal with QR code reader and barcode reader

Kapri QR is a terminal that reads QR codes and barcodes (ex. UPC, EAN, Cpde128) and sends the information to the application that interprets the data of the QR code.

• Options: Mifare / Desfire reader and BLE reader

As an option, you can add a 125kHz RFID reader or a Mifare / Desfire card reader (allows to read the UID and memory sectors of the card).

With the BLE option, the user can be identified by means of a high security virtual mobile card.

• 2.4″ IPS Graphic Display and Touch Keypad

The Kapri QR terminal has a 2.4” IPS graphic display with excellent visibility from all angles. It has a 4-key capacitive keypad and a beeper.

• 3 relays and 4 digital inputs

The Kapri QR device includes 3 relays that allow the activation of electric locks, turnstiles, barriers, alarms or other types of devices.

The 4 digital inputs of the terminal can be used to monitor the status of door sensors, limit switches, etc. The equipment has an Anti-Tamper sensor that allows detecting the manipulation of the terminal.

• Ethernet Communication and WiFi option

The equipment is connected through its Ethernet port and communication with the application is always done by exchanging JSON objects. Device integration is easy regardless of programming language or operating system.
Kapri QR is available in a WiFi version.

• CLOUD Procotol: direct connectivity with the cloud

Kapri QR always initiates communications. When an event occurs, such as a card being read, it sends a POST command to the application/cloud API server. In response, the application sends a batch of commands to be executed by the terminal, such as displaying messages on the screen and activating relays to allow access.

Some important points about the Cloud protocol

– Kapri initiates any communication.
– Communications are secure when the cloud uses the https protocol.
– No driver installation is required.

Other protocols to work within the LAN

The Kapri QR terminal also offers the following communication protocols:

  • KTP
  • HTTP
Kapri QR - Especificacions


Table Header Table Header
QR Code
PDF417, MicroPDF417, Data Matrix, Maxicode, QR Code, MicroQR Aztec, Hanxin
UPC, EAN, Cpde128, Code 39, Code 93, Code11, Matrix 2 of 5, Interleaved 2 of 5, Codabar, MSI Plessey, GS1 DataBar, China Postal, Korean Postal.
Power Supply
5 VDC +/-10%
Maximum consumption
1500 mA

2 internal ports:
– For the RFID reader
– For the biometric reader

2 internal ports: – Clock&Data reader, ABA Track-2. – Wiegand 26, 34 and free reader
Digital Inputs
4 digital inputs active to ground, inactive on O.C.

3 power-free relays, 24V/1A (24/1A: 500,000 switching operations)
2 relays with NC and NO contacts, and 1 NO relay

1 antitamper input
1 in-circuit integrated
1 in-circuit integrated
2.4'', IPS, 320×240
Capacitive touch 4 keys
Operating temperature
From -10ºC to 50ºC
Measures (mm)
161.21 x 80.95 x 38

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