Kapri Controller

Programmable online controller

Ideal for any type of control solution where you need to manage QR, RFID and/or biometric readers.

It has 4 protocols to facilitate integration in different scenarios, including direct connectivity with the cloud (CLOUD protocol).



Kimaldi Kapri Controller can manage up to two QR, RFID and Biometric Readers via serial connection (RS-232) and/or wiegand.


  • Access Control through turnstiles or similar.
  • Production and T&A Control.
  • RFID reader management, including UHF long range antennas.
  • QR readers for people and vehicles identification management, booking management, consumption management, traceability…
  • Biometric fingerprint reader management.
• 3 Relays and 4 Digital Inputs

Kapri controller includes 3 relays to activate electric locks, turnstiles, barriers, alarms or other devices.

There are 4 digital inputs in the controller to monitor door sensors, limit switch sensors, etc. There is an Anti-Tamper sensor as well.

• Ethernet and Wifi Option

The device is connected via Ethernet. Communication with the app is always via HTTP calls (JSON). Integration is easy regardless of the programming language or the operating system you use.
Kapri Controller is available in a Wifi version.

• CLOUD Procotol: Direct Connectivity with the Cloud

For security reasons when working from a cloud-based App it is not recommended to initiate communication with a physical device. Hence, Kapri Controller initiates the communication and sends a POST command to the cloud application/API Server when any event such as a reading, a keystroke or a signal digital input occurs. Once processed on the host, the server sends back a set of commands to the terminal, for example to display a message on the screen, activate a relay and/or a buzzer.

• CLOUD Protocol Features

The Protocol:

– Kapri Controller initiates all communications.
– Communications are secure when the cloud uses the https protocol.
– It does not require the installation of drivers, .DLLs, services,…
– Easy installation. Nothing needs to be installed locally.

• Possible Combinations
    - Kapri + DQ Mini

      - Kapri + DQ Cube

        - Kapri + Lexa

          - Kapri + RD125

            - Kapri + GP20

Controladora Kapri_Kimaldi


Table Header Table Header
Power Supply
5 VDC +/-10%
Maximum Consumption
1500 mA
2 ports:
    – RFID reader port
      – Biometric reader port
2 ports:
    – Clock&Data reader, ABA Track-2
      – Wiegand 26, 34 and free reader
Digital inputs

4 digital inputs active to ground, inactive at O.C.

3 relays, power free, 24V/1A (24/1A: 500,000 switching times)
    2 relays with NC contacts and NO contacts, and 1 NO relay
1 anti-tamper input
1 in circuit
1 in circuit
Operating Temperature
-20ºC a 50ºC
RFID technology
RFID Solutions
Access Control Readers for Industrial Applications

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