Kapri Offline Bio

Access Control and T&A Control Solutions Terminal by Fingerprint, RFID Tags and Mobile.

Access Control and T&A Control Solutions Terminal by Fingerprint, RFID Tags (Cards, Wristbands and Key Fobs) and Mobile.

Kapri Bio is suitable for:

  • Access Control Solutions in: sports centres, gyms, paddle tennis courts, companies restricted areas, trade fairs and congresses, among others.
  • T&A Control for worktime recording.


• Kapri operates offline:

Kapri manages all the accesses from the device itself and can work without Internet connection and its maximum capacity is 5.000 users.

Deferred user registration: the user can introduce their ID number and PIN directly at the terminal to complete the registration process autonomously, there is no need to go to the admin’s office in person. This saves time and makes this process more comfortable for both the user and also for the administrator.

• Biometric ID terminal

Kapri Bio is a biometric fingerprint scanner. This terminal has LFD (Live Finger Detection) technology for greater accuracy in false fingerprints detection.

Fingerprint recognition is excellent regardless of dryness and/or humidity conditions.

• 2.4” IPS Graphic Display and Touch Keyboard

Kapri Bio has a 2.4” IPS graphic display with excellent visibility from all angles of the screen. It has a 16-key capacitive keypad for easy entry of work orders and codes and a beeper.

• 3 relays and 4 digital inputs

Kapri Bio includes 3 relays to activate electric locks, turnstiles, barriers, alarms or other devices.

These 4 digital inputs can be used to monitor the status of door sensors, limit switch sensors, etc. The device is equipped with an Anti-Tamper sensor to detect tampering.

• Ethernet and wifi (optional)

The device is connected via Ethernet and communication with the application always takes place via the exchange of JSON objects. The device is easy to integrate regardless of the programming language or operating system.

Kapri Bio is available in a Wifi version.

• CLOUD Procotol: Cloud Direct Connectivity

For Web Extranet solutions this is the recommended option of communication, mainly because in these environments it is usually not allowed for the application in the cloud to initiate a connection with the devices. So in this case, only the devices can connect to the cloud. Kapri initiates the communication and when an event is produced, like for example, a device has read a card, it sends a POST command to the application/API Server to the cloud. As a response, the application sends a set of commands to execute to the device, for example, to show messages on the screen or activate a relay to allow access.

The main characteristics of the Cloud protocol are:

– Kapri (the device) initiates all the communications
– The communication is always secure when the cloud uses HTTPS protocol
– It does not require to install drivers nor .DLLs or services…

• Options: Mifare/Desfire reader and BLE reader

As an option, a 125kHz RFID reader or a Mifare/Desfire Card Reader (which allows reading the UID and memory sectors of the card) can be added.

The BLE option allows users identifying themselves by means of a high-security virtual card in the mobile phone.

• Integration module

Kimaldi Kapri Bio is available in an integration module finish for installation on turnstiles, barriers and gates.

Kapri Bio y RFID - Especificaciones


Table Header Table Header
Power Supply
5 VDC +/-10%
Maximum Consumption
1500 mA

2 internal ports:
– RFID Reader
– Biomentric Reader

Digital inputs
4 digital inputs active to ground, inactive on O.C.

3 relays, power-free, 24V/1A (24/1A: 500,000 switching operations).
2 relays with NC and NO contacts and 1 NO relay

1 antitamper input
1 in-circuit integrated
1 in-circuit integrated
2.4'', IPS, 320×240
16 key capacitive keypad
Operating temperature
From -20ºC to 50ºC
RFID Technology
125 kHz, 13,56 MHz

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